Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have... no words.

For the sake of humanity I pray no one actually wears these. Though knowing young Hollywood I'd say we will be seeing them in some fame-hungry individual.

Thank you, Jean-Charles for making something more horrible than the TopShop stomping booties. And to think that just last week I really though nothing could be more cringe-worthy. I stand corrected.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sephora 212

Good News, Ladies!

Sephora 212 by OPI is back in stock! This limited edition shade has a black base that features metallic glitter. Named for the exclusive 212 area code of the NYC flagship store (think Sex and the City) this shade is only available at that location or online.

I ordered mine last week, and am waiting for it to arrive, has anyone received theirs yet?

Photo Credit: www.sephora.com $9

Dazzle or Draught?

Have you heard of ShoeDazzle? Supposedly, it's the newest "must-have" membership. "Chief Stylist" Kim Kardashian and her "team of stylists" dish up five shoe choices for members each month. based on an initial style survey. If you choose to purchase the shoes, your credit card which you place on file with the website is charged $39. Sounds like a great deal, right?

I thought it did, so I immediately signed up and have been disappointed since. I didn't like a single pair of the shoes my first month, so I requested a new selection of shoes, and still didn't like any. I decided to see what the selections for October were before I cancelled my membership. I was secretly waiting for the Stephanie, the pink Susan G. Komen shoe, so on October 1st, I signed in planning on making the big purchase and the shoe was already unavailable...

I am not sure that I am going to plan on continuing my membership with ShoeDazzle. What do you think?

Photo Credit:  Stephanie, www.ShoeDazzle.com $39

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Redefining Ladylike: Old Colors, New Looks

There are certain colors worn by women which have been considered classic 'girly girl' colors. These tend to lay on the reddish spectrum of things. The four basics; red, pink, purple and coral. Through the decades we have seen our mothers, aunts, grandmothers sport these until we almost associate these colors with a certain level of tackiness which is not deserved by the innocent colors that have been abused and sometimes butchered. They've seen it all, from shoulder-pads, spandex mini skirts, plastic bangles, patent shoes, you name it, they've seen it. So I thought it would be fun to create new work-friendly look using these same colors & attempt to reinvent them.


 Skirt, ModCloth $49.99, Satin Blouse, Forever21 $15, Shoes, NineWest $89, Bag, Jessica Simpson $88, Nail Polish 'Tallulah', Nars $16, Earrings, Top Shop $16, Ring, Charlotte Russe $4, Perfume 'Lola', Marc Jacobs $65


Dress, Miss Selfirdge $59, Shoes, Carlos Santana $91, Bag, Kenneth Cole $66, Nail Polish "Dahling", Butter London $14, Earring/Ring Set, Forever 21 $6, Perfume 'Very Hollywood', Michael Kors $65


Blouse, TopShop $55, Skirt, Newport News $19, Shoes, Delias $60, Bag, Liz Claiborne $50, Nail Polish 'Glam', Pop $14, Necklace, Talbots $39, Watch, Anne Klein $55, Perfume 'Magnifique', Lancome $49

and Coral

Dress, Spiegel $54, Shoes, Anne Klein $38, Bag, Elliott Lucca $134, Earrings, Kate Spade $55, Cuff, Kate Spade $74, Nail Polish 'Cute as a Button', Essie $8

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Your Grandma's Clutch!

I happen to be currently in love with Vintage-looking clutches. I know, in a sea of animal print that has decided to claw its way into mainstream Fall fashion this year I come bearing gifts of a classic vintage look that might be refreshing to those of us which have to fight the urge to growl at the sight of cheetah print. I found some lace, worn-in leather, 80's comebacks and the always awesome beaded.

French Connection Damsak Clutch $74, J Crew Luciana Minaudière $148, Liz Claiborne Bow All in One Glazed Leather $72, Newport News Clutch $39, Marc by Marc Jacobs $278, Moyna Handbags Ice Rose Clutch $295, TopShop Floral Glitter Clutch Bag $50, Bebe Metallic Mesh Clutch $19, Spiegel Embroidered pleated clutch $34, Arden B. Textured Snake Clutch $44, Steve Madden Piper Clutch $38

Top image credit to liebemarlene

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrity: Yay or Nay...

Our girl for this week is the ever lovely Amanda Seyfried. She can act, she can sing, she can dance... but can she dress? I love the hair, it looks sleek, soft and bouncy. I adore the shoes because I love suede shoes but do I love these silky short and bulky jacket? I don't know. You be the judge

I don't know, the jacket looks like a reject from Nancy Reagan's closet and the shorts look like something that would be really comfy to sleep in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping to support the cause

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month, just around the corner, pink ribbon products are popping up right and left.

With a history of breast cancer in my family, I enjoy supporting these product lines. This week, I am obsessed with Estee Lauder - shocker, right?

As part of their annual Pink Ribbon line, they have released the Elizabeth Hurley Lip Design Collection, which consists of a Elizabeth Pink lipstick, Pink Lady lip gloss, and Pink Writer lip liner all packaged in an adorable pink faux snakeskin embossed mirrored case.

Additionally the purchase of this product will help support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What's NOT to love?!