Saturday, September 19, 2009

the girl who shopped too much

There is no shame in admitting that a woman has a problem with shopping. More specifically that a woman has an uncontrollable addiction to shopping, one that may or may not lead to a very bad debt problem. The question more settles as to why a woman has an addiction to shopping. Is this her only addiction? The answer is who the hell cares; if the shoe was pretty then you better have bought the damn thing. Let us identify some classic signs of shopaholic behavior - warning, if you find yourself having two or more of these attributes the chances are that you are indeed a shopaholic stuck in your very own taboo closet.
  • You find yourself calculating what you will purchase based on your paycheck.
  • You think if you spend this money on new makeup you will simply have to live off noodles and water for the next week. It's doable.
  • You reason that the pair of shoes you have at home are not exactly like this. No exactly.
  • A party is an excuse to shop.
  • You understand that with the changing of the seasons come the changing of wardrobe. And nail polish.
  • You understand that animal print CAN go wrong. Very wrong.
  • You own more shoes than the month has days. Even the LONG months.
  • You understand that magazines are the bible written by women, inspired by gays.
  • Dollar menus were invented in order to shop more. Seriously.
  • The color orange should only be handled by those that understand it, like those people that handle blowfish.
  • You wonder for hours in the day why you can't just be paid to shop or write about fashion. Yes, we wonder the same thing.


  1. Touché! I, an open and proud shopping addict, fit into all of the categories and have to say that ALL animal print is wrong! Ok, let me step back a moment, if you have the money and can really live on noodles and water for a few months, then the right pair of python pumps can take you a very long way and you will never have any other shoes that are exactly like those! Ever! Any other print is just WRONG, especially zebra!

    Orange is a beautiful autumn color but living in this eternal summer gives us no choice but associate it with bad tanning sprays and juice. A deep, rich, chocolate pair of leather boots looks fantastic as you walk/run to catch a NYC train with your burnt orange 3/4 trench with brown accents and buttons. Imagine it along with the perfect B.Makowsky bag.....Orange; handle with care and according to state of residency.

  2. Somehow I believe that you had visions of yourself floating through NYC streets with this outfit. It's a hunch.