Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Girl's Bestfriend

I have become a love-sick teenager over this new website I discovered and it made me realize that Marilyn got it wrong when she said diamonds are a girl's best friend. Because the real best friend is shoes. Shoes and purses. So I post this almost as a lament because unfortunately one cannot buy any of this stuff in the US yet. Yet. I'm hoping they re-arrange their accounting department and make it feasible for me to purchase some of these absolutely awesome items and most importantly essential. Very essential.

The website is and I lust it. I lust it very much right now. Some of my favorite items that would be perfect and delicious for my fall wardrobe would be the following:

Right? You agree that I must have them, yes? But noooo, I can't have it because I live in the US. So I'm stuck in Starbucks drinking my Vanilla Chai Latte. Damn it all!

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