Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To bump-it or not to bump-it?

I purchased a bump-it two weeks ago with very low expectations. For $10, what did I have to loose?

Nothing! As a matter of fact, I have gained fabulous hairstyles. I have worn my bump-it 5 times since I bought it.

The package comes with 3 bump-its; a mini bump-it (for bumping your bangs), a large bump-it (for everyday styles), and a Hollywood bump-it (for bold hairstyles).

The bump-it that I have used the most is the large bump-it, which I have used with my hair down, half up and in a pony tail.

When purchasing your bump-it choose the color that most closely matches your hair color (blonde, light brown, dark brown, or black). Choosing the proper color helps avoid "being found out" if the teeth of the bump it stick out.

From my experience, I have learned the following "best practices":

1. Part your hair horizontally about one inch back from your hairline, and tease, tease, tease. This was my major mistake when I began using this product. Teasing your hair helps build volume (so the insert doesn't show though) in addition to helping secure the bump it.

2. Place the bump it on the crown of your head just behind the section of hair that you parted.

3. Smooth sectioned hair over the top of the bump it, combing into place, and spraying with a medium hold hairspray (use bobby pins to secure if styling half up).

4. Be sure to remove carefully, do not pull through hair!

Happy Bumping :)

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  1. I think I'll definetly use this come winter when my hair is straight again and I will need the volume.